Research in universities has a main role in nation-building efforts that are expected to have extensive benefits to the community. Each year there are hundreds and even thousands of studies and community services have done. However, not a few of these studies are still in the form of reports on the activities that are stored neatly in the library. The problem is, the extent to which the results of the study have an impact on the wider community.
Based on that idea Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM), State University of Yogyakarta as the spearhead of the research program and community service held the dissemination of research and community service resultsin the form of a 'National Seminar and Research Product Exhibition 2015 "on April 20-21,2015.
This activity was attended by 217 with 187 speakers of education, humanities, and science and technology and the rest as participants. The seminar entitled "Penelitian dan PPM mewujudkan Insan Unggul" which is the development of a theme YSU 51st Anniversary , stated Chairman of LPPM UNY Prof.Dr. Anik Ghufron, M.Pd.
Anik Ghufron expected that this seminar gives contribution for research and community service to build superior human resources who have the spirit of advanced, prosperous, and prosperous. 
The seminar was opened by the Rector, Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M.Pd., M.A., He said that this forum as a medium for sharing knowledge and research results and a higher quality community service so that its impact can be felt by the wider community.
"Tri Dharma College is the third important pillars in efforts to advance civilization. The presence of higher education not only as an ivory tower but should be a water tower that can provide coolness and enlightenment for the surrounding communities, the Nation and the State ", said Rochmat Wahab.
The Keynote Speaker, Director of Research and Community Service (Ditlitabmas) The ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Prof. Dr. Kuncoro Diharjo, S.T., M.T. on that occasion delivered material entitled "Policy Research Program and Community Service".
"Ditlitabmas research activities at universities are the logical consequence of a strategic policy to achieve the goal of developing an independent college research and competitiveness, headed downstream cooperation and industrial / business", said Kuncoro Diharjo.
Kuncoro Diharjo added, through the policy and research purposes community services creates superior human being and high competitiveness in order to face globalization and the development of science and technology. (Jne)