Monitoring KKN
"CDP is a means for students to learn and develop their knowledge gained in college to be implemented in real life for the benefit of society. Students must be able to bridge the gap between the needs of the community colleges and the communities and local governments in order to create synergy between the various elements ". This was conveyed by Vice Rector IUNY, Drs. Wardan Suyanto, M.A., Ed.D., while giving a speech on corruption monitoring activities UNY Special Semester 2015, Saturday (22/8), at the Village Hall Poncosari, Srandakan, Bantul.
CDP monitoring activities conducted to see the results of the CDP program. In this special semester, UNY delegate 4772 students spread in various areas of Yogyakarta and Central Java. CDP implementation of a special semester is divided into two periods, one period held July 1 to July 30, and the second period held August 1 to August 31. In this second period in Bantul, a total of 314 students divided in 30 groups.
The Head of Poncosari Village, Supriyanto, S.E., S.Pt., explained that the Bantul categorized as disaster-prone areas, but due to the presence of higher education with service program aimed at helping people in the process of post-disaster recovery and provide information related to disaster mitigation.
Supriyanto added, Bantul also as one of the tourist areas in the province that has the potential and abundant resources. The presence of CDP in his village provides many benefits to the community to promote the potential of Poncosari village.
Expert staff of Regent, Ir. Hadi Subianto, M.M., on this occasion, also said that the diversity of science in UNY must provide the solution of various problems in society. CDP is a forum to implement the knowledge that can be directly perceived by the society.
Hadi Subianto added, CDP students should be the agents of change and a liaison between local government programs for the community that students are required to provide information to the public, providing motivation to gain public support, and to educate the public.
At this event the CDP students have a chance to showcase the work and potential of each group that comes from the creativity of local residents. (Jne)