UPI, visit, lppm UNY
The delegation of LPPM UPI, Bandung visit is related to the implementation of research activities and community service in LPPM UNY Tuesday (2/08/2016). The Chairman of LPPM UPI , Prof. Dr. H. Sumarto, M.SIE said that the aims of the visit are to gain some information and experience about the research activities, publication of research results, the implementation of service learning and community service activities.Further, Sumarto said that they wanted to do a comparative study of the research result on budget policy and research management YSU, as YSU (Main cluster) the current cluster is better than UPI.
The Chairman of LPPM UNY, Dr. Suyanta, M.Si, when welcoming a delegation from UPI revealed "We hope that this visit be a good beginning for the institution as a cooperation partner in the field of research". Suyanta added that related to the research management, LPPM UNY is as the cutting edge of research and community service activities in UNY. To accommodate these research activities, LPPM developed web-based information system called SIMPPM UNY (Research and Community Service Management System). This system adopts Simlitabmas of Higher Education from registration of research proposals and community service activities, ploting reviewer, assessment, and a recap of the results. "Currently, the system is already in use by each faculty in YSU for the implementation of research and community service activities", he added. (Jne)