The exciting news for the UNY academic community that Jurnal Kependidikan as a National Accredited Journal based on Keputusan Menristek, No 12/M/Kp/II/2015 dated February 11, 2015. The period of validity of accreditation for five years, starting in February 2015 - February 2020 , with the value category B. Jurnal Kependidikan published by Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) UNY cooperate with Indonesia Education Research Society (MPPI). JK accredited B increased the number of Accredited National Journal in UNY, after Cakrawala Pendidikan, HEPI, and Litera.
Scientific journals is the spirit of the existence of a college. Therefore, the existances of scientific journals are very important, especially accredited by DIKTI. A rigorous selection process due to the accreditation aimed to limit the number of accredited journals so that the quality is maintained.
Based on data from PDII LIPI (http://issn.lipi.go.id) until the end of 2014 were more than 26,000 journals getting ISSN and mostly in the form of electronic journals. Meanwhile, based on the fact until December 2014, the number of journals that have been accredited by DIKTI are as many as 158 and 191 journals by LIPI, and as many as 19 journals indexed in such reputable international indexer (Scopus) so that it can be recognized as an international journal.
            Chairman of the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) UNY, Prof. Dr. Anik Gufron, M.Pd. welcomed and congratulated the JK Team that has been making maximum efforts to prepare the accreditation. Hopefully, the success obtained this accreditation is not the end point, but rather be early struggles in maintaining the reputation of JK as a prestigious scientific journal. "Hopefully, with the support of various parties, JK will be internationally accredited journals," said Anik Gufron.
            Dr. Maman Suryaman, M.Pd., as the Chief Editor of Jurnal Kependidikan confirms that this success is a blessing and a challenge. It is appropriate we are grateful for this success, but soon had to prepare and improve aspects of editorial and substantive (content) of the article. Although the accreditation is valid for five years, the policy would be reviewed within a specified period. If it does not meet the requirements, the accreditation status can be revoked at any time,according to the DIKTI evaluation. "The entire Editorial Team must be prepared to work hard, so that the accreditation status can be maintained, '' Maman Suryaman explained. (Jne)