kkn revolusi mental
LPPM UNY coorperated with the Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Cultural Affairs and the Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education held a Mental Revolution themed Community Development Program (CDP) briefing Tuesday (02/08/2016 ) at LPPM ballroom. This activity was attended by about 200 people consisting of students of CDP, lecturers, and some regional work units.
"Mental Revolution (MR) Program is a form of cultural strategy which aim to change the way the field, thought and attitudes, behaviors and ways of working; Raise awareness and build an optimistic attitude; Realizing Indonesia sovereign, self-reliant, and a good personality for students and the community, "explained Harod Novandi, The leader of the Mental Revolution team.
Harod Novandi explained that the MR-learning activities aimed at implementing / disseminating programs Mental Revolution through service learning programs in universities. MR-CDP program is a social movement and going to involve the entire community through Gerakan Indonesia Melayani, Gerakan Indonesia Bersih and Gerakan Indonesia Tertib which is based on the values of strategic instrumental Mental Revolution: integrity, work ethic and mutual cooperation.
The secretary of LPPM UNY, Prof. Dr. Siswantoyo, M. Kes, said that this program will be a model as well as challenges in the implementation of service learning in UNY. This program is certainly a breakthrough for human construct Indonesia which has a high work ethic, a sense of nationalism, self and mutual cooperation. "Students of CDP Program should be the agents of change that brings the message of Mental Revolution to be applied to oneself especially and also for communities where it takes place," said Siswantoyo.
MR-learning programs have been done by 20 groups of CDP in the Special Semester 2016 (Non Education Major) covering 3 districts; 12 groups in Gunung Kidul District , 4 groups in Bantul and 4 groups in Kulon Progo. (Jne)